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"Margaret Wander Bonanno is smarter than you are."
- Gerald Jonas: The New York Times

Apparently Mr. Jonas knows something my ninth-grade algebra teacher didn't. I don't necessarily feel smarter than anyone else. And since I persist in plying my craft in a field where writers have been superseded by doctors, lawyers and insurance salesmen, oh my, and accountants make all the really important decisions, maybe my algebra teacher was right after all.

"Margaret Wander Bonanno is the most prolific s/f writer I'd never heard of."
- Peter D. Tillman: Under the Covers

And then I wrote...four mainstream novels (A Certain Slant of Light, Ember Days, Callbacks, Risks), some STAR TREK, a biography of Angela Lansbury, two s/f trilogies entitled THE OTHERS and PRETERNATURAL, several books in a young adult series called THE YOUNG ASTRONAUTS, and had the extraordinary good fortune to work with the incomparable Nichelle Nichols on SATURN'S CHILD.

"Margaret Wander Bonanno is savvy, creative, and deliciously naughty. The lady can write."
- Nichelle Nichols: Star Trek's Uhura

NEWS: Shards and Shadows is on the shelves, along with the "dead tree" version of Mere Anarchy, and Unspoken Truth, a novel about Saavik.

One final thing, about autographs: I do not send photos, so please don't ask. Unfortunately, I'm no longer able to have readers send me books to sign. If you give me your snailmail address, I'll gladly send you signed bookplates to put in whatever books you have. I realize that's not exactly the same, but it's the best I can do.

Thanks for visiting, and come back soon!

Peace and long life,